Strategic Business Advisory

PetroActive Services has the proven capabilities to conduct a comprehensive marketer business evaluation including:

  • Strategic business plan development and deployment including business assessment to determine core business competencies and areas of possible divestment.

  • Retail network rationalization study to highlight store investment and divestment candidates, or other actions designed to optimize chain profitability and value.

  • Dealer supply business assessment to highlight strengths and weaknesses to improve ratability and overall business segment value.

  • Assessment of other ancillary business components to confirm their continued operational inclusion or divestment.

  • Real Estate activities including lease negotiations and property acquisition.


Retail Advisory Services

PetroActive Services has experienced advisors to help improve your store operations, profitability, and long-term value. Our Services will include an assessment of current operations focusing on all facets of the business, both inside and outside of the store. This enables us to make meaningful, strategic recommendations, and work with you to develop a remedial plan to improve overall retail operational performance.  Subsequent turnkey services may also be employed to facilitate plan deployment, fine-tuning, and strategic divestiture preparation.


Commercial Advisory Services

Whether the focus is on commercial fuels, propane or lubricants, the team at PetroActive Services has a fundamental understanding of your commercial business, and can help you improve your operational performance and related commercial business value.  Services include a current state assessment of the operation to highlight strengths, weaknesses, areas for emphasis or divestiture, and strategic plan development.  Turnkey services include plan deployment assistance, ongoing results measurement, and future plan fine tuning.


Mergers & Acquisitions

PetroActive Services can help you preserve value, optimize returns, and take the headaches out of selling your business when you’re ready to do so. From retail salary operations, dealer supply, commercial distribution and lubricants; we have the expertise to understand the most complex business environments and isolate value throughout your entire operation.



Strategic divestitures to meet your business needs and current market conditions can be complex and difficult. Our proven divestiture process effectively targets qualified buyer candidates to maximize your business value and employee security, while minimizing operational headaches and business disruption. From start to finish, the PetroActive team will help insure a successful and satisfying outcome.


Due Diligence Support

Large multi-store acquisitions or acquisitions of large diversified marketer businesses require a qualified due diligence support team.  The PetroActive Advisory Team stands ready to decisively support initial opportunity review, bid development,  and APA due diligence to help insure a timely and successful closing. 


Growth Financing

Whether you wish to refinance existing debt or to make an acquisition, we have the experience and knowhow to match the best financing alternatives to specific client needs and business circumstances. The PetroActive team has successfully and confidentially funded hundreds of millions of dollars in petro indusry related transactions across the country.


Expert Witness Support

The PetroActive Advisory Team is uniquely qualified to assist you with Expert Witness support if you are required to defend DOT or other governmental eminent domain takings. Our turnkey services include professional site evaluations, assessments, projections, valuations, court testimony, and ongoing participation as a key member of your defense team.