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Petroleum marketer associations demonstrate leadership in times of natural disasters.

On the petro M&A front, 2023 has come in like a lamb versus past years. The rising interest rate

environment could finally be having the negative M&A effect on both deal availability and

buyer enthusiasm. Given the prospect of even higher rates, this period of moderated activity is

bound to continue, and when a choice deal does come down the pike, one wonders if the

remaining deal-hungry buyers will begin to reduce the inflated purchase multiples that have

been so prevalent over the past years. The year is speeding along at such a rapid clip it’s hard to believe that my favorite annual

industry event; the Energy Marketers of America’s (EMA) Washington Conference and Day on

the Hill is just around the corner. It’s scheduled for May 10th to the 12th at the Washington

Mayflower Hotel. This annual event brings together committed members of the associated

state associations to jointly lobby against the current slate of national regulations and

legislation that the progressives have designed to negatively impact our industry and the

overall wellbeing of America. In Washington and throughout the year, EMA and the various

member State Associations work tirelessly to proactively protect the thin red line that separates

our industry from relentless detrimental governmental interference. Although EMA generally has an adversarial posture on most governmentally induced things,

disaster response is one area where EMA provides valued leadership and cooperation with

several agencies including the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy

(DOE) and the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). Be it emergencies like

hurricanes, other natural disasters or terrorist events, the EMA Disaster Fuel Response Program

helps cut through interference and red tape to insure that fuel is delivered where it is needed

to support emergency services working to restore utilities and rebuild. It’s refreshing that in at

least one important area, EMA has a seat at the table with various governmental agencies that

appreciate our industry and the contribution marketers make to the well-being of the country.

The EMA Disaster Fuel Response Program coordinates the participation of affiliated State

Associations and their marketer members, who willingly deliver fuel to various on-the-ground

entities responding to a given disaster. When a disaster occurs, EMA provides these entities

with an up-to-date list of participating marketers who are prepared to respond, and they

constantly supplement this list by encouraging interested marketers to participate in this

valuable program. Send me a note if you’d like more information and I’ll put you in touch with

the right people in the organization. This is another reason why all petroleum marketers and suppliers have a vested interest to join

their respective EMA affiliated state associations and become actively involved. Multi-state fuel

wholesalers and store operators should also willingly commit the resources and manpower to

become involved with any state where they have a significant business presence. Membership

provides inexpensive insurance against unknown attacks, and the ability to provide leadership

and direction on state-specific legislative and regulatory issues. With two more years until the

next presidential election, there’s no good excuse not to join the cause or to allow others to do

the heavy lifting.


Mark Radosevich is a 43 year petro-veteran and recognized industry advocate. He is president of PetroActive Real Estate Services, LLC, offering confidential mergers & acquisition representation and financing services exclusively to petroleum wholesalers. He can be reached by email at and by phone at 423-442-1327.

Petroleum Marketer Associations demonstrate leadership in times of natural disasters
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